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Английский язык. Тест для вуза #2

This is a book _______ is definitely going to be a bestseller.

The book (to discuss) at the next conference
will discuss
was discussed
will be discussed

Прочитайте текст и выполните задания. Family1. The family, a basic social group united through bonds of kinship or marriage, has been present in all societies. Ideally, the family provides its members with protection, companionship, security, and socialization. The structure of the family and the needs that the family fulfils vary from society to society. The nuclear family – two adults and their children – is the main unit in some societies. In others, it is a subordinate part of an extended family, which also consists of grandparents and other relatives. A third family unit is the single-parent family, in which children live with an unmarried, divorced, or widowed mother or farther.2. Historical studies have shown that family structure has been less changed by urbanization and industrialization than was once supposed. The nuclear family was the most prevalent pre-industrial unit and is still the basic unit of social organization. The modern family differs from earlier traditional forms, however, in its functions, composition, and life cycle and in the roles of husbands and wives.3. The only function of the family that continues to survive all change is the provision of affection and emotional support by and to all its members, particularly infants and young children. Specialized institutions now perform many of the other functions that were once performed by the agrarian family: economic production, education, religion, and recreation. Jobs are usually separate from the family group; family members often work in different occupations and in locations away from the home. Education is provided by the state or by private groups. The family is still responsible for the socialization of children.
In all societies the family as a basic social group must pay particular attention to the emotional support of infants and young children and their socialization
All societies have regarded the family as a basic unit of social organization to provide its members with protection, companionship, security, and socialization
Earlier traditional families usually performed many of the functions which are now performed by specialized institutions, such as education, religion, recreation, etc
The functions of the family, its composition, structure, life cycle and the roles of husbands and wives have been thoroughly studied in all societies

It was very stupid ________ him to make such a silly mistake.

We usually have dinner at 3, … we?

The lesson (not yet to begin), and the children (to talk) loudly in the corridor.
has not begun, were talking
had not begun, was talking
had not begun, were talking

Light (to travel) more quickly than sound.
is traveling

What you (do) now?
am… doing
is… doing
are… doing

What your sister (to do) now? – She (to wash) her face and hands.
is … doing, washes
does … do, is washing
does … do, washes
is … doing, is washing

Mary ________ use the dictionary when she reads Spanish books. She knows Spanish very well.
doesn’t have to
isn’t to

He (to give) me this book next week
will give
will be given

It (sound) interestng!

The tallest and longest living tree in Canada is …
Giant Sequoia
Douglas Fir
White Pine

He (to spend) last summer in the country?
will … spend
did … spent
is … spending
does … spend
did … spend

The customs officer went through their bags looking _______ drugs.