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Английский язык. Тест для вуза #29

Aspirin was invented in Australia
Was Aspirin invented in Australia?
Were Aspirin invented in Australia?
Does Aspirin was invented in Australia?
Do Aspirin was invented in Australia?

My grandmother (not to work). She is on pension
is not working
do not work
doesn’t work

You always (to get) up at seven o’clock? – No, sometimes I (to get) up at half past seven
did … get, got
do … get, got
did … get, get
do … get, get

My mother (to be) a doctor, she (to leave) home at nine o’clock

… you an engineer? – Yes, I …
are, are
are, am
is, am
is, is

Light (to travel) more quickly than sound
is traveling

What your sister (to do) now? – She (to wash) her face and hands
is … doing, washes
does … do, washes
does … do, is washing
is … doing, is washing

What … your brother (to do) every day?
will … do
do … do
did … do
does … do
is … doing

They (to sit) in the room when the taxi arrived
were sitting
had sat

My father (not to sleep) now. He (to work) in the garden
does not sleep, works
is not sleeping, is working
is not sleeping, works
does not sleep, is working

My best friend (live) in Minin Street
is living

I don’t speak any foreigen languages, but I (learn) English now
is learning
am learning

My brother (not to drink) coffee yesterday
does not drink
did not drank
did not drink

On leaving the hall the students (to thank) the professor who (to deliver) the lecture
had thanked, had delivered
thanked, had delivered
thank, deliver

Excuse me, but you … (to sit) in my place. Oh, I’m sorry
are sitting